Karate can be a fantastic learning aid for youngsters as it develops within them certain aspects. Karate training has been scientifically proven to enhance the brains performance levels. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/science-environment-19290320

Youngsters learn better in a disciplined and well structured environment. To begin with we will motivate and provide the discipline but the objective for us is to teach youngsters how to motivate themselves, develop self discipline and show them the many rewards of having a consistant possitive attitude towards hard work.
We see youth Karate as a three way partnership between the student, the parents or guardians and ourselves, which requires commitment from the student, support from the parents or guardians and correct instruction from ourselves.


Q) What is different about your tuition?
A) We refer to our Karate as the art of SELF DEVELOPMENT. We work on developing youth character social integration along with self discipline, self motivation, awareness and a possitive mindset. These attributes are much more valuable in todays society

Q) What about the physical training, I want my child to be able to protect themselves?
A) Traditional Karate training is specific and requires students to learn movement which at first is unfamiliar. All youngsters are able to learn this with a correct possitive attitude towards their training, which is why it is so important to develop a strong character, a determined and focused mind. Karate technique developed this way is the most effective.

Q) What is the youngest age you will train a child?
A) If a child is able to listen to instruction and then demonstrate the ability to follow with the physical interpretation, then they can join the class. We are always willing to give a child an assessment for suitability.

What to expect in a lesson

  • Warm up with stretching and strengthening exercises
  • Basic Kihon ( Karate technique)
  • Kata ( forms) and/or Kumite (sparring)
  • Agility tests and team building games

Our lessons vary. No two lessons are the same. Learning Karate is a serious endeavour but it also has to be enjoyable.