Training for Adults

Thinking of training?

At adaptive karate we believe that Karate training and the benefits of learning a martial art should be available and achievable for people from all walks of life. We offer a safe and productive environment in which students can learn and experiment, enhance and enjoy. The skills and psychology that is learned whilst training can greatly nourish a person’s life in many ways.

Most adults want to learn a martial art for self-defence purposes. In the adult class students learn how to apply Karate techniques to be effective for these purposes.

Sensei Johnston spent many years learning and studying how to apply Karate techniques for real-life situations when he was in the security business, as head doorman at a top nightclub in Coventry.

Techniques need to be efficient and effective if they are to work and not be overly complicated. Attention to detail in your technique takes your karate away from the mundane, and the ordinary to the exceptional and extraordinary.

Key training areas


Kihon is a Japanese karate term which translates as ‘basics’ or ‘fundamentals’. It refers to the techniques which make up Karate i.e. punches, kicks, stances and blocking techniques. It also encompasses the development of correct breathing, spirit and attitude.


Kata is a set sequence of moves and techniques against an imagined opponent(s). At a lower level it is quite simple and with more experience gained it becomes more advanced and complex. Through hard study the application of the moves become very interesting and effective.


Kumite (sparring) takes on various forms of partner work, ranging from simple exchange of fundamental techniques to more advanced free sparring. It also includes the application of Kata to be used as self-defence in realistic scenarios.


Conditioning is optional but may be part of the first half an hour of each session. It consists of a mixture of fitness exercises, pad / bag work, Makiwari (striking board), and various weights. You can either work to a set programme or choose one yourself. Advice and support are always at hand. We also have separate classes that concentrate purely on the conditioning of the body.


If you have any questions about training, lesson prices or memberships then don’t be a stranger, say hello!

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