Traditional Shotokan Karate classes

John Johnston is one of the few original old school Karate teachers still teaching and training. He has been instructing for 43 years and now at the age of 63, his Karate is still powerfuly dynamic and phenomenally fast for a big man.

Karate is difficult to learn and it is challenging. It challenges the mind and it challenges the body.

The best lesson's one will learn from Shotokan are from constant endeavour.

It doesn't matter if you are not able to grasp something in your lesson, whether it be a physical or a mental aspect. The important thing is that you try hard and always do your best.

One can begin training in Traditional Shotokan Karate at any age. We take students from 6 years of age as long as they can listen and follow instructions we can usually build on that. Alot of our younger students mature quite quickley as they have to learn to have responsability and good manners in the class.

The more Mature students do not have to have any athletic prowess. The misconception of jumping around doing high kicking back flips is a myth. The kind of strength and flexibility that is aquired from Traditional Shotokan Karate training is very unique to this art. Yes you can learn how to be very powerfull and very fast in your technique but " yes there is a but" you have to train correctly and not take the easy option. You must meet all the challenges presented to you in your lesson's and step out of your comfort zone. Then after some years you may become as fast and as strong as Sensei John Johnston, who is renown for his speed, strength and fighting ability.

It takes years to become proficient in this art. You are taken on a course of mental and physical conditioning that changes your perspective on life. The changes made will help to keep you out of trouble. This is your self protection. You will learn to recognise the things, people and places that are not good for you and stear clear of them. This enhances the quality of your life.

There are no short cuts and no compromises when learning with Sensei Johnston.

There are some benefits that will become immediatley noticable after training. These are increased focusing ability and a sense of inner self assurity. These will develop and evolve as your training does.

It is not possible to come along to a few lesson's and expect to know how to fight multiple attackers in a bar room brawl. After a few lesson's a student is just beginning to understand how to do a basic punch correctly. Traditional Shotokan Karate is very specific, very exacting and advanced training only really begins at black belt level. One has to learn about control. Self control of the body and the mind. One cannot expect to be able to gain control over an opponent if they have no control over themselves.

We don't charge any more then we have to for tuition. Obviously a licence and membership is necessary and a Karate suit ( Gi ). We charge £6.00 per lesson, this is a standard fee for adults and children and paid by monthly standing order directly into our account. Gradings ( exams)  are usually held twice a year and they cost £28.00. This fee includes the belt. We provide written reports to all students after a grading so that they know how they are progressing.

Sensei Johnston does all the teaching himself. I ( Elaine Johnston ) assist him in the children's classes and train in the adult classes along with the other students. My knowledge has been gleened from being one of Sensei Johnston's students and has enabled me to write a few published articles on the subject. He is a fantastic teacher to me and I have learnt so much from him.

Training under Sensei Johnston is always challenging in the most enjoyable way.