The Bettor Book: Top Fighting Styles to Bet On in MMA

MMA fighting styles (also known as UFC fighting) are often referred as “caged-style” type of fighting since as the same with UFC, the ring is, in fact, a cage with eight corners that can be used to improve the fight and benefit both contenders.

MMA (or Mixed Martial Arts) is well known for having multiples fighters that will give everything they can to achieve victory. While some fighters use only one martial art, most fighters are familiar with at least two martial arts to the extent that it’s a theme repeating in the MMA more often than not, in fact, they are also known for mixing these types of techniques in order to increase their potential for the fights.

Most of us know which martial art we are watching as well as the skills that they show during their performance in the ring. Betting experts, however, know that there are some fine elements in each fighting style that not only draws the attention of the audience, theyknow which ones prove to be more effective against another.

And while these techniques might be different with each athlete, we have to remember that each skill works differently for each person.

This element can be seen in athletes that are specialized in arts such as Boxing and how they perform in MMA by using almost only their arms, but of course, this may vary.

With that being said, let’s see which elements make the perfect MMA athlete since their performance in the ring depends on how well they master these elements.


thai kick - The Bettor Book: Top Fighting Styles to Bet On in MMA

Speed is a fundamental practice in any sport, and with MMA fighting this is no exception. Just by being fast enough to quickly dodge any attack and prevent any dangerous attack from the opponent is something fundamental to any fighter. Speed is more seen in styles like Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.

Technical Attacks

practice kick - The Bettor Book: Top Fighting Styles to Bet On in MMA

This is often mixed with speed and is clearly obvious why.The best follow-up after you dodge the attack of your opponent is a quick technical attack, with this we refer to landing more accurate attacks.

This can be seen in Boxing where they carefully calculate where their punch is landing, as well with the necessary intensity to provoke a K.O, also a common theme in Muay Thai.


3d fighting - The Bettor Book: Top Fighting Styles to Bet On in MMA

You may remember when we say that MMA is played in a “cage-style” ring and how this can be beneficial to both athletes, the best way to truly grasp the potential of the ring is with footwork and how quickly the athlete can move.

An athlete having great mobility and moving their feet technically can be seen as a great defensive style, this is by far a key element in wrestling.

Fighting styles and their elements are by far an interesting approach to betting in MMA.Not only seeing the style of the athlete but as well what the style might offer to the fight, such as Judo and their submissions, or Muay Thai and their excellent attacks.

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