3 Karate Styles Worth Learning

Karate is known today for its usefulness in the competitive events that we have nowadays, as well as serving as a discipline for some or a hobby for others. There’s no way to truly describe Karate since most of us have our own opinion about what Karate is truly about.

But no matter your reason for wanting tolearn Karate, something that you must know about it is its origin and history. Some of these facts are crucial, while others are only for educational purposes.

Karate Goals

While you might want to learn Karate for your own benefit, or just by picking up a new hobby, there’s a reason why Karate was invented in the first place, and that is of course self-defence. Karate stands as a great way to block strikes and hit back at your opponent, not to mention the ways to quickly disable any weapon that your opponent might have.

Karate And Their Characteristics

What makes Karate so uniquefrom the other martial arts? While there are many styles that depend on punching and other techniques in Karate, they lack the fundamental elements that make Karate a fine art. Karate specializes in using your hands, knees, legs, and elbows to inflict damage to your opponent as well as disarming opponents.

Karate And Their Unusual Weapons

Staffs and nunchuckscommon tools in Karate, and while many see this as something normal it truly has an interesting story.In the year 1400 in Okinawa, there was a law that banned the use of any lethal weapon. Thanks to this law, Karate was the primary source of self-defence as well as other common tools that finally became iconic as the weapons used by Karateka.

Karate is definitely one of the best paths for any individual looking to learn martial arts, and with these tips, you’ll now know a bit more about what it truly means when you apply yourself to the way of Karate, as well as something more about its rich history and characteristics.

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