3 Karate Styles Worth Learning

Karate is known today for its usefulness in the competitive events that we have nowadays, as well as serving as a discipline for some or a hobby for others. There’s no way to truly describe Karate since most of us have our own opinion about what Karate is truly about.

But no matter your reason for wanting tolearn Karate, something that you must know about it is its origin and history. Some of these facts are crucial, while others are only for educational purposes.

Karate Goals

While you might want to learn Karate for your own benefit, or just by picking up a new hobby, there’s a reason why Karate was invented in the first place, and that is of course self-defence. Karate stands as a great way to block strikes and hit back at your opponent, not to mention the ways to quickly disable any weapon that your opponent might have.

Karate And Their Characteristics

What makes Karate so uniquefrom the other martial arts? While there are many styles that depend on punching and other techniques in Karate, they lack the fundamental elements that make Karate a fine art. Karate specializes in using your hands, knees, legs, and elbows to inflict damage to your opponent as well as disarming opponents.

Karate And Their Unusual Weapons

Staffs and nunchuckscommon tools in Karate, and while many see this as something normal it truly has an interesting story.In the year 1400 in Okinawa, there was a law that banned the use of any lethal weapon. Thanks to this law, Karate was the primary source of self-defence as well as other common tools that finally became iconic as the weapons used by Karateka.

Karate is definitely one of the best paths for any individual looking to learn martial arts, and with these tips, you’ll now know a bit more about what it truly means when you apply yourself to the way of Karate, as well as something more about its rich history and characteristics.

Are you thinking about starting your own Martial Arts studio? Here’s some handy information to get started brainstorming.


The Bettor Book: 2 Top Tips for Beginner’s to Bet on MMA

Sports betting is an interesting practice that makes us excited just by seeing our favorite sport being played. The potential winnings that we can take if we are correct with our predictions to win our bet make it even more exhilarating.

While there are many captivating sports to choose from and a lot of them have a great variety in betting types, a lot of betting experts are now choosing MMA above everything else.It’s easy to see why.MMA gives more excitement from choosing your favorite fighter and see them go head-to-head in the ring.

But for many, betting on MMA can be a hard choice, since it’s often a hit-or-miss when it comes to on what to bet, as well as choosing your fighter and their odds to win the match.

With these points in mind, I think it is time to explain some of the best betting tips if you are considering betting on MMA. It is important to know what the key elements are that you should know before placing a single bet.


It’s extremely important to pay close attention to the weigh-ins and here’s the reason. Weigh-ins are done in order to see the full weight of the athlete and what category they belong. Usually a day before the match both athletes weigh themselves in order to prove that they are in fact in the right category so they can fight.

But it’s also known that most fighters choose to dehydrate themselves before the weigh-in, in order to have less weight and have the green light to fight. After the weigh-ins, they regain all their fluids with water and other legal methods.

But having your athlete dehydrated can leave him with more chances of a knockout. It is also a hard task for your body to hydrate all at once in just one day. Pay close attentionto the state of your favorite athlete and see how well hydrated they are before the match.

Size of the Cage

A little element that can truly change the outcome of the fight is the size of the cage since MMA uses two types of cages. While similarly made, the only difference is the size of each cage and how they affect the athletes in it.

This is incredibly important if your fighter is known for having influences in martial arts such as Muay Thai because this can be a problematic situation for them.On the other hand, if your fighter knows about Judo and submission, the smaller cage will prove useful for them.

With these elements being incredibly important at the moment of betting, I hope you understand a little more how MMA truly works, and the elements that you need to look at closely in order to place an informed bet and earn some profit from it.

But remember that, as the same with other sports, there’s no guaranteed win, but with these tips, you will have a better chance.


The Bettor Book: Top Fighting Styles to Bet On in MMA

MMA fighting styles (also known as UFC fighting) are often referred as “caged-style” type of fighting since as the same with UFC, the ring is, in fact, a cage with eight corners that can be used to improve the fight and benefit both contenders.

MMA (or Mixed Martial Arts) is well known for having multiples fighters that will give everything they can to achieve victory. While some fighters use only one martial art, most fighters are familiar with at least two martial arts to the extent that it’s a theme repeating in the MMA more often than not, in fact, they are also known for mixing these types of techniques in order to increase their potential for the fights.

Most of us know which martial art we are watching as well as the skills that they show during their performance in the ring. Betting experts, however, know that there are some fine elements in each fighting style that not only draws the attention of the audience, theyknow which ones prove to be more effective against another.

And while these techniques might be different with each athlete, we have to remember that each skill works differently for each person.

This element can be seen in athletes that are specialized in arts such as Boxing and how they perform in MMA by using almost only their arms, but of course, this may vary.

With that being said, let’s see which elements make the perfect MMA athlete since their performance in the ring depends on how well they master these elements.


thai kick - The Bettor Book: Top Fighting Styles to Bet On in MMA

Speed is a fundamental practice in any sport, and with MMA fighting this is no exception. Just by being fast enough to quickly dodge any attack and prevent any dangerous attack from the opponent is something fundamental to any fighter. Speed is more seen in styles like Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.

Technical Attacks

practice kick - The Bettor Book: Top Fighting Styles to Bet On in MMA

This is often mixed with speed and is clearly obvious why.The best follow-up after you dodge the attack of your opponent is a quick technical attack, with this we refer to landing more accurate attacks.

This can be seen in Boxing where they carefully calculate where their punch is landing, as well with the necessary intensity to provoke a K.O, also a common theme in Muay Thai.


3d fighting - The Bettor Book: Top Fighting Styles to Bet On in MMA

You may remember when we say that MMA is played in a “cage-style” ring and how this can be beneficial to both athletes, the best way to truly grasp the potential of the ring is with footwork and how quickly the athlete can move.

An athlete having great mobility and moving their feet technically can be seen as a great defensive style, this is by far a key element in wrestling.

Fighting styles and their elements are by far an interesting approach to betting in MMA.Not only seeing the style of the athlete but as well what the style might offer to the fight, such as Judo and their submissions, or Muay Thai and their excellent attacks.


3 Ultimate Karate Styles to Improve Your Karate Training

Learning martial arts is a great hobby that can be useful in your everyday life. From the interesting yet beneficial fundamentals to the techniques and abilities that you can get from it, Karate teaches us self-defense and offers a great overall workout.

But Karate is not only aptitudes and movements. Karate is great for practicing mindfulness and can teach us self-discipline. In fact, a lot of business owners live by it. It also serves the body well,thanks to the exercise that provides.

It’s also an incredible way to really push your limits, and if you are truly searching for that, Karate is definitely for you.

Having so many variants and styles is hard to pick a path of Karate. But worry not, here you’ll learn about the best styles in Karate that are available.


Knowing that Karate is mostly a combination of coordinated punches and kicks, in order to use only in competitions or in a self-defense situation, Budokan is one of the best variants of Karate available for the public. It is also one of the most famous karate styles around the world.

Budokan doesn’t have a strong specialization since it’s mostly the core of Karate. You’ll see weapons such as the Bo staff and swords. Those who practice Budokan focus in their punches, kicks and strong blocks.


As the same with Budokan, Kenpo utilizes a lot of kicks and punches that are designed to hit the opponent quickly. But it is different from Budokan. Kenpo possesses a lot of techniques in throwing your opponent, not to mention the immobilization techniques that are consisted of locks and other positions.


Based on a more harsh and hard martial art, Shotokan is the style of Karate that is focused on Kihon, Kata and lastly, Kumite. Each of these words means basic, forms and sparring. With that being said, Shotokan is known for having strong connections with Jiu-jitsu and other martial arts styles.

Karate is a hobby that is truly worth learning, and with the many characteristics of their different styles, it might be hard to choose the right one for you, but keep in mind that no matter what you choose, you’ll still be practicing a great sport and a fun activity.