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“Pranks Very Much”

“I’m only kidding mate. Well I’m not your mate and I’m only Kindling!!”

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The 100% Percenters

You know the old saying ” you cannot help anyone who will not help themselves”

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In The Eye Of The Beholder

If Beauty is only skin deep, some people must be living their lives inside out!

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“I’ve said this before and I will say it again, your greatest obligation in life is to yourself”

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ENOEDA SENSEI By John Johnston

“Enoeda Sensei”.
You only have to hear the name and you immediately have your own visions and thoughts about a man who personifies Karate.

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The Unequal Equalizer. By John Johnston

The “Unequal Equalizer” was a phrase I first heard over 40 years ago. It was used by my old Sensei, Richard Jackson to illustrate how within a well structured Karate class, everybody has the same opportunity to perform at their highest level. It is still true today, especially in regard to people with disabilities. Having […]

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A Tale of Excessive Alcohol and Bravado

This story I’m about to relate to you isn’t about Karate but I think you may find it of interest. Many years ago after a Saturday morning training session. My old friend, training partner and student Glen and myself decided to go for a “drink or three”. Glen encouraged me to accompany him to a […]

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Life the Universe & Everything

Two perspectives on Karate’s lesson’s about life

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Dancing In The Park

Most mornings you can find me in the local park weather permitting.

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