3 Karate Techniques to Implement in MMA Matches

Karate is a major influence in MMA since most of the martial arts that are presented in these events have roots in Karate. Something interesting about this is that almost every fighter that enters MMA chooses to follow a sequence or a specific technique when it comes to the fighting style of Karate.

And while this kind of inspiration in Karate is sometimes obvious to see in every match, they can guarantee the victory for many fighters. That’s why we are going to briefly go over the best karate techniques that you can implement not only in your routine but in a match as well.

Kizami Tsuki

A simple but effective technique that is seen in most MMA events, the Kizami Tsuki is familiar to the boxing jab seen in almost every MMA match.Despite its similarity, the jab lacks the technique that only Kizami Tsuki has.

For that, most fighters choose to go safely and choose Kizami Tsuki instead of the classic jab, since it has been proven to be more effective in K.O.s.


Most known for MMA fighters as a mix between a jab and an uppercut, the Age-Zuki is a rather advanced technique that requires a lot of accuracies. Age-Zuki is known as the Rising Punch/Strike and can lead to a great K.O if it’s done properly.


Finally, the Gyaku-Zukiis a defensive attack with a lot of strength. It is known for being used only in specific situations, the Gyaku-Zuki can be seen as a defensive move and is a reverse Karate punch.

With these techniques in Karate explained, you can now grow and improve your abilities in martial arts as you implement these new techniques in your Karate routine.

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