3 of the Very Best Martial Arts Practitioners in MMA Today

MMA has seen a lot of incredible athletes over the past few years, each athlete showing an incredible potential and outstanding performance in each of their matches.It’s obvious to see why MMA stands as one of the greatest practices in martial arts.

While there has been a notorious level of professionalism and techniques over the past years of MMA, there have been a select few athletes that increase the level of competition and are known for being the best of the best.

With perfect skills and an indisputable career in the MMA, these are the best martial arts practitioners of the MMA.

George St. Pierre

George St. Pierre, a well-known black belt Karate fighter who displays his potential with his streak of winnings.George St. Pierre has a really accurate punching technique but also outstanding footwork and kicks, making him an incredible MMA athlete.

And while St. Pierre is incredibly strong with his Karate, he’s also very versatile when it comes on showing other strengths such as wrestling, among other aptitudes.

Anthony Pettis

A third-degree black belt in Taekwondo makes his entry to this list, and Pettis is no ordinary Taekwondo practitioner.He has proven himself quite the opponent from his wins thanks to his favorite martial art which he keeps improving to this day.

In his attributes, we can see a great ability with his kicks that are often described as quick and dangerous. He also portrays incredible and versatile mobility that really makes him one of the strongest fighters.

Ronda Rousey

Since a young age Ronda was interested in martial arts, and her mother, a black belt Judo master, taught her the fundamentals. She also taught Ronda a lot of techniques (including her infamous armbar) in Judo, which gives Ronda Rousey the competitiveness necessary to match any rival.

On top of that Ronda is known in the MMA world for her Judo because most of her winnings are for submission using her armbar technique.

MMA stands as the perfect gateway to any martial art practitioner to fully show their full potential. While the MMA has been known for having a lot of athletes with Boxing or other fundamentals, we still love the way that most martial arts practitioners move and battle inside the ring.

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