There are plenty of exciting events in martial arts and competitive fighting this year, most of them being anticipated by a large following of fans that can’t wait until they finally start. Since martial arts and fighting events are so well-received, Adaptive Karate isgoing to see which ones are the most relevant and important events this year.

Karate 1 (Premier League)

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Regarded as one of the largest, as well as one of the most important league events in the world of Karate.

It has multiples events all throughout the year, with one of the most important of all being the very first event of the year and that is, of course, the premier league.With this year having a great number of athletes who are ready to give it all.

Starting in the year 2011, Karate 1 is known for having the best athletes in martial arts, and since then it has been regarded as the most prominent Karate event of this current generation. Karate 1 has a lot of participation and is of a great relevance among the athletes that wish to participate in such an event.

Bellator MMA

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Mixed Martial Arts or MMA, as known among fans, is one of the most watched shows and televised events surrounding martial arts and Karate. One of the most anticipated events for the MMA is the classic Bellator, which has been airing since 2014, and in this fifth event, it will air as monthly events rather than in a classical seasonal event format.

While Bellator is aired once per month, it has been known to deliver some ofthe best performances for many in the world of mixed martial arts. Expect to witness incredible athletes each month ready to give it all in order to win. Bellator MMA is definitely one of the best events in martial arts and is acknowledged as such all around the world.

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