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Our Commitment

Our commitment to Karate runs deeper than just being something we ‘do’. Karate is a way of life to us. We live, breathe Karate, and this spirit is passed on to our Karate-ka. We believe that through rigorous training our minds and bodies are conditioned to take on any challenge that life throws at us. This is a promise we make to each and every student that walks into our Dojo, that we will always encourage you to push your own mental & physical boundaries.

Normanton – St Augustines

This venue is a wonderful old Victorian Sunday School. We use the spacious and light upper floor for regular training, there is also a conditioning room. This is an optional extra for any adult student. It has two makiwara, a heavy duty punchbag, free weights, medicine ball and other extras. Conditioning programs can be given to students who request one or you can just come along on those days and do your own thing.

St Augustin Community Centre
Almond Street
DE23 6LX

Mondays – Adults & Children

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Mon — 6:00pm till 7:00pm

Fridays – Children

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Fridays — 6:00pm till 7:00pm

Saturdays – Adults

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Sat — 10:30am till 12:30pm

Need More Information?

If you have any questions about venues or training times then get in contact with us.

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