Adaptive Karate is not a style or a concept. It is a way for people to learn how they are best suited to make themselves effective in self protection and/or Dojo Kumite

Adaptive Karate does not try to be all things to all people. It derives primarily from Shotokan Karate as a striking art, with some of the more useful techniques of other martail arts.

Scenarios may be taken from real situations, competition or Kata. They are worked on with reality and honesty for the individual. It can be used to *Explore *Experiment *Enhance *Enjoy

If the work is done with the correct mindset and intention, it can and will increase ones skill base and give a better understanding of your own capabilities. We try to use good body mechanics with evasion, deception and common sense within drills that make you viable and effective.

We encourage the drills to be robust but with good control so that ones abilities can be pressure tested.