Sensei John Johnston

Chief Instructor & International Examiner (7th Dan)

About me

I’m John Johnston, a 7th Dan in Traditional Shotokan Karate. I’ve been teaching and training for OVER 43 years, I had a very large afro for many of those years!

I teach predominantly Shotokan Karate but I like to refer to it as Adaptive Karate as I feel the name more appropriately reflects my teaching methods and allows for a more individual expression from those who practise.

Whilst it is important to know and understand why we train and to keep it efficient, effective and adaptive, it is fundamental to have strong foundations from which to build upon.

Being a highly ranked black belt instructor, I’ve trained and been trained by some of the most renowned martial artists in the world. At competition level I’ve fought and won against some of the best champions. My early days training with the KUGB were pivotal in building and maintaining a very strong basic set of principles.

It is from those that I have developed and composed my own set of strong basic principles, which is what my own students first learn, for without them Karate has no structure and nothing to underpin the powerful techniques that are later developed and honed.

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Need to know more?

If you have any questions about training, up-coming Seminars, Private Tuition or about that large afro I used to have, then please get in touch.

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