The Seminars I Teach

When I teach a Course / Seminar. I think that students should be given an experience of Karate outside of normal club training. They should be engaged in a learning process. The drills I teach have all been pressure tested and are drawn from my own personal experience of what will work in a stressful situation. Adaptive Karate is not a style or a concept. It is a way for people to learn how they are best suited to make themselves effective in self protection outside of the Dojo environment.

Adaptive Karate does not try to be all things to all people. It derives primarily from Shotokan Karate as a striking art, with some of the more useful techniques of other martial arts. I always encourage students to *Explore *Experiment *Enhance *Enjoy

If the work is done with the correct mindset and intention, it can and will increase ones skill base and give a better understanding of your own capabilities. We try to use good body mechanics with evasion, deception and common sense within drills that make you viable and effective.

We encourage the drills to be robust but with good control so that one’s abilities can be pressure tested. If you would like to book me for a seminar please don’t hesitate to get in touch!

Hire Me For Seminars

Life is all about progression. There is always something new we can learn from each-other! So if you’d like to talk about booking me for a Seminar then get in touch. Look for to training soon.

Looking for a timetable?

Follow the link the see all upcoming Seminars, Prices and Training Times on our Events page.


I’ve had the privilege of teaching alongside John Johnston on numerous occasions and it’s always a blast to see him in action. John’s material is firmly rooted in tradition and is eminently practical. He is a true karateka’s karateka who inspires as much as he educates. The graceful and efficient way in which bodies hit the floor during John’s demonstrations can leave no one in any doubt as to the effectiveness of karate when correctly approached. As well as the great material, I also love the way in which John teaches! His enthusiasm and love of karate shines at all times. There is also no hard sell as John always encourages people to think for themselves and adapt what is shown to fit with their own personal experience and background. John is one of the very best it’s ever been my privilege to share a dojo with and I can’t recommend him and what he does highly enough.

—Iain Abernethy (6th Dan)

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