Who We Are

woman kicking 1 - Who We AreAdaptive Karate is a website dedicated mostly to the different attitudes and disciplines that martial arts have to offer to any volunteer or student. While we focus mostly on techniques, movements and different combinations of attacks that can be useful in a competitive combat event, we also talk about the different disciplines that you should follow in Karate.

Allow me to introduce myself, my name is Foster McPherson. As founder of Adaptive Karate, I’ve always had the motivation of creating an informative place that could allow anyone to understand the aptitudes of Karate.

As well as reading about useful movements and advanced Karate techniques in order to improve their fighting style and put them into practice, adding to their overall performance in Karate.

While we started simply by detailing the movements that can be used in a competitive event in martial arts briefly, we switched gears and now our content is about the many uses of Karate.

We also discuss how you can achieve a better performance in a fight if you use the different aptitudes and techniques that found here on Adaptive Karate.

With that being said, Karate is a lifestyle and if you wish to learn the disciplines that Karate has to teach you there is a place for you here on Adaptive Karate, and you are more than welcome to read our articles and content about Karate as well as the events that we are looking forward to this year.

Have a question? Get in touch with one of our team members and they’ll gladly assist you.