Traditional Karate

Shotokan as a foundation

The basic fundamental roots of most of our training is Shotokan Karate. We believe it to be one of the best and most effective martial arts, also the most versatile as it is able to encompass a wide range of abilities into its teachings as it has a strong emphasis on the spiritual aspects of development as well as the physical.

Shotokan Karate requires the individual to attain a higher level of thought processes pertaining to self-examination and analysis. We know that a stronger, more adept and capable mind makes for a better fighter. Learning about your best assets is the primary basis for any beginner who trains with us.

There is a fantastic set of essential principles gained from traditional methods of training. These will develop the character and the body instilling all the correct qualities and attributes that will enable a student to progress and advance in their art once they have reached black belt.

It should be strongly emphasised here that black belt is just the beginning of your journey. Achieving Shodan (first black belt) means that a student has learned all of the basics and is ready to proceed on to learn how to make the art their own and advance onto a more refined level of application and understanding.

What is Adaptive Karate?

Adaptive Karate is neither a style nor a concept. It can mean different things to different people. For myself, I see it as being able to use martial techniques, taken from my Shotokan background, as well as being able to incorporate other martial arts and karate styles that I’ve studied over these past years and making them practical and effective in highly emotional situations.

The emphasis is not to conform rigidly and be constrained within a system. The emphasis is to learn about your best assets and to make them even better. Quite simply, it’s a martial art in which people can fully engage and express themselves from within.

What we can offer you

At Adaptive Karate we recognise that not everyone’s abilities are the same but we all have untapped potential. Karate is just one of the ways in which you can unleash yours. You are not expected to do anything that you are not capable of doing but to maximise your abilities and strengthen your weaknesses.

We emphasise our Karate as being the art of self-development leading towards self-perfection. We can offer you peace of mind and it’s ‘adaptive’ enough to accommodate a very broad range of people, whether strong, weak, tall or small, from the physically capable to those who need that extra bit of encouragement.

Have any questions?

If you have any questions about Training, up-coming Seminars, Private Tuition or any anything in general then get in touch, we’d love to hear from you. See you in the dojo!

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