3 Ultimate Karate Styles to Improve Your Karate Training

Learning martial arts is a great hobby that can be useful in your everyday life. From the interesting yet beneficial fundamentals to the techniques and abilities that you can get from it, Karate teaches us self-defense and offers a great overall workout.

But Karate is not only aptitudes and movements. Karate is great for practicing mindfulness and can teach us self-discipline. In fact, a lot of business owners live by it. It also serves the body well,thanks to the exercise that provides.

It’s also an incredible way to really push your limits, and if you are truly searching for that, Karate is definitely for you.

Having so many variants and styles is hard to pick a path of Karate. But worry not, here you’ll learn about the best styles in Karate that are available.


Knowing that Karate is mostly a combination of coordinated punches and kicks, in order to use only in competitions or in a self-defense situation, Budokan is one of the best variants of Karate available for the public. It is also one of the most famous karate styles around the world.

Budokan doesn’t have a strong specialization since it’s mostly the core of Karate. You’ll see weapons such as the Bo staff and swords. Those who practice Budokan focus in their punches, kicks and strong blocks.


As the same with Budokan, Kenpo utilizes a lot of kicks and punches that are designed to hit the opponent quickly. But it is different from Budokan. Kenpo possesses a lot of techniques in throwing your opponent, not to mention the immobilization techniques that are consisted of locks and other positions.


Based on a more harsh and hard martial art, Shotokan is the style of Karate that is focused on Kihon, Kata and lastly, Kumite. Each of these words means basic, forms and sparring. With that being said, Shotokan is known for having strong connections with Jiu-jitsu and other martial arts styles.

Karate is a hobby that is truly worth learning, and with the many characteristics of their different styles, it might be hard to choose the right one for you, but keep in mind that no matter what you choose, you’ll still be practicing a great sport and a fun activity.

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